Thursday, 16 August 2012

Primark Christmas 2012 Collections

Wow!!! Primark is not taking it easy at all guys. These fabulous looking pieces are sure worth waiting for, but what I don't get is why the sequence in winter? Which of these will you be rocking? Click to see more

Sexiest WestEnd Men on Display

 Remember yesterday's post about me visiting WestEnd? Well look what my camera found! We all know Addidas is the official clothing of the just concluded Olympics. I guessed they had surplus of the men's truck left in store and then decided to put these men on display to attract customers to their shop on Oxford street (lol...that's why own thought though or what else will these men be advertising? Did I hear you say sausages!!!) It was fun watching people queuing to take a pictures with these guys! They were really friendly though but yours truly was too shy to go near them..hahaha Click to see more.

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