Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pick your Fave: Primark Picks

LPS Finds.

So I received three more orders for this top today but surprisingly, S & L sizes were sold out but found the black version of the top,which brings me to my next question of what colour should I go for? Click to see alternative colour in case you miss the previous post.

Six months & still counting :-)

London Personal Shopper aka LPS is 6months today!!! Woohoooo!!! I'm really excited because I never knew what I was going into when I started blogging but here we are today; with over 50,100 page views, 5760 blog visitors from 124 countries in less than 3 months, 29 blog followers, 144 facebook likes in less than 2months and more so, fantastic regular visitors like you reading this post right now. 

Words are not enough to say 'Thank you' for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my boring post.(lol) Massive thanks for all the comments, compliments, words of encouragement,insults, accusations, corrections especially the gbagauns(grammatical errors) hehehe. They are all part of the what kept me going. 

Thank you to all my fellow blog mates who I have featured on the blog. You all rock!!! And to every one that has left a comment especially Homely, Abena(My one & only Azonto chic) Onyx Hair, Alero, all my wonderful Anonymous and my new recruit NollywoodReinvented, all your comments gives me faith that we will get there someday. Not forgetting my Free Consultant; Elsie aka Mama Twins, thanks a million. Your advice is priceless

 And finally to my 65 regular customer currently using my service to shop, huge 'Thank You' for the 135 transactions in 6months (I am wondering how did I pulled these transactions off) Thank you for recommending your friends & family and lastly thank you for the trust!

Above all,thanks to God almighty, my sweet darling Jesus and my best friend;holy spirit for the strength and ideas. Trust me, keeping a blog fresh is not child's play but hey! LPS survived her first 6months

Cheers to the next six months. Make sure you have a drink on me and send the bills when you are done! hehehe



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