Friday, 16 November 2012

End of Year Promo

Get your mane on Ladies! Help us patronise LPS very own Mide's Mane.

Question of the day.

Ladies is this outfit too matchy-matchy? I asked because nowadays some of us feel old fashioned wearing same colour outfit but me love the MK model's outfit to max. What do you think?

Pick your fave: Michael Kors

Black or Red?

Elf Cosmetic order.

One thing I love about my job is the exposure to various online store. I have never heard or read about this particular brand before but one of my Ecobank customer just sent this to me. I am impressed with their prices I must say. Click to see more buys.

Currently loving..

Meet Marsha from Long Tall Sally rocking a Satin Trim Jumpsuit. Now I love the way she styled it especially leaving the tie to drape using a brooch rather than knotting the tie..nice inspiration. Outfit is currently priced at £110 but your girl is presently fasting and praying to God for some discount promotion. Hope I don't get disappointed though but wouldn't mind buying now if it was a cobalt blue rather than black. What do you think of the Jumpsuit? Yay or Nay?


N6500 Bodycon Fabric. Click to see 2 more

Just ordered.

Landing cost to Lagos Red: N7,500, Lace : N8,000

Arm candy picks

I have always admired my fellow bloggers arm candy but I am so rubbish at them. Just give me my Michael Kors statement wrist watch and I am good to go. Anyways, since Dorothy Perkins 25% off is still on going, I decided to select some of my favourite picks of their jewellery because now is a wise time to buy such items. Click to continue and let me know if you are into the Arm candy trend.

Lip Colour Trends: Ewar Makeovers

Which of the lip colours are you digging at the moment. Found the page on Facebook and decided to share. Nice lips huh? Me love them all. Chai, all these for the men? There are sure enjoying sha...hehehe. Check the page out here

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