Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hottie of the Day!

Talk about catching them young! Too cute! Loving the colour blocking. :-)

Selling Fast in Stores

A reader sent me a mail after reading my post on Jillian's Tuxedo shirt and wanted me to get a similar shirt for her Law school. Now I know this is not a tuxedo shirt but I feel this limited edition cutie is not a bad idea for that look. For those that read the post please what do you think? Have I done a good job? She loves it though and I hope her order arrives soon.

More lovely stuvs for you when you continue.

Look of the day: Jillian rocks tuxedo shirt

How cute can this outfit be? I love the fact that she is not rocking it with a black skirt/pant or shoes which is what most of us especially me will go for because of the black thingy on the shirt. As you may know, I love bright colours!!!(my blog design says it all) and her skirt colour is just a YES for me

 I have a similar blouse for months now which is unworn because I feel is too boring and the only way I can rock it is with a black combo but hey! the classic attorney has shown us the way and I can't wait to rock mine. ;-)

Btw, I know you guys are not feeling the blog as before but please bear with me. I am having some personal stuff going on at the moment. Nothing scary though but trust your girl to bounce back soon.

Have a brilliant Tuesday!!!


Photo of the Day:Soraya's Fabulous Nail Design

One word for this pic will be?

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