Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Look of the day: Jillian rocks tuxedo shirt

How cute can this outfit be? I love the fact that she is not rocking it with a black skirt/pant or shoes which is what most of us especially me will go for because of the black thingy on the shirt. As you may know, I love bright colours!!!(my blog design says it all) and her skirt colour is just a YES for me

 I have a similar blouse for months now which is unworn because I feel is too boring and the only way I can rock it is with a black combo but hey! the classic attorney has shown us the way and I can't wait to rock mine. ;-)

Btw, I know you guys are not feeling the blog as before but please bear with me. I am having some personal stuff going on at the moment. Nothing scary though but trust your girl to bounce back soon.

Have a brilliant Tuesday!!!



  1. Babes, who says your blog is dulling? Relax dear and take your time to sort yoursef out abeg.
    I get your point too regarding the outfit.I am always afraid to rock but after seeing this post, all fear is gone!

  2. Who complained?definitely not me!u are doing just fine dear,please relax and sort yourself out.U aren't super woman wai.
    BTW I love this lawyer!she's soo on point everytime.

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