Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Photo of the day.

Just shared this photo on Instagram and decided to share here as well. This was me in Barcelona looking all gentle. How I miss that town especially the Paella and Tapas :(

Anton Heunis necklace.

Retailed at £334.83

Recent Buys...

Click to see more.

Colour Blocking by Fai Lwanda

 Miss Lwanda is presently killing the colour blocking world with her unique style. Love every single thing about the 2nd outfit. Her turban is also on point. What do you think ladies? Are you inspired? Don't think she is a blogger yet but I must say, she's got style!!!

Primark Limited Edition

It's Primark again!!! What are your thoughts on their limited edition collection? Yah or Nay Click to continue.

Cheaper Disco Pants

Hey guys, found some disco pants that are way cheaper than the american apparel ones. Click more to continue. The America apparel ones are £74 each while these are not even unto £40 and you can see it on a live customer. What do you think?

Just ordered..

Woke up to this order this morning. Click to see more
The good news is there are all on sale. Saved over over £80 on them

Pick your Fave

Given a choice of these outfits, which would you go for. Right dress is £31 more. Wow!!! that can buy more stuff don't you reckon.#Lack of post

Chanel Paris Logo Frame

Are you digging Riri's frame. I can imagine if this was sold in my country..people will say it's number 1 original fake!!!hahaha

Nkoli from Nigeria featured as Fashion Bombshell

I love reading fashion news of 9ja babes on international site and Nkoli's features Here is no exemption.  Check out the Personal Shopper/blogger (blog link) from Lagos looking take away in all her poses. Wish I could be doing more of these for you guys but my schedule is more than busy and my height is not common so things that fits me might not be your cup of coffee.#winks 

OK enough of the long write up. Click to see more fab pictures and let me know which is your best look.

Random Thoughts

Ladies, don't you think this my find has something in common with Queen Bey's outfit? hehehe. Good morning guys!
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