Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Question of the day

Imagine you waking up to this by your bedside on the 13th of February. What will be your reply?Dump question huh? This went viral on bbm today and I decided to share. Cake looks delish!!!

New in this week

Some amazing pieces after the cut...

Victoria Beckham unveils New Collection

What are your thoughts on her collection? Click to see more

Between Beyonce & J-lo

 Both ladies rocked this outfit for the just concluded Grammy awards. Some people felt disappointed  with what Queen Bey was wearing while some felt J-lo pulled it off. Now my question is must we expose plenty flesh to look hot? Like seriously, some comments were ridiculously funny and annoying as per Bey's outfit hence, I decided to ask your opinion on which outfit do you prefer and why? I am sure you know my choice yeah? 

River Island Skirt: 3 ways

Where do you think I rocked the River Island tube skirt best? Keep calm, hair is off.#okbye!

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