Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mary Katrantzou vs Primark!

Next up is Mary Katrantzou print dress but thankfully Primark came up with the lookalike for a whole lot less. With Alesha Dixon spotted in Mary Katrantzou price tag of £380 & Primark's price tag of £25 ,please say the truth which one would you buy?  By the way this dress is a collection of MK's range and was @ Top shop for £350 but originally I read somewhere that her print says up to to £8000 max. Scratching my head.. That sounds like the price I paid for my MSc! But truth be told I love her prints though! This dress sold out in minutes when it was launched last month. But hey Primony says look MK for twenty five quid!!! As usual please place the bigger order through LPS !:-)

Posh Look for Less!

Hey guys,

Today's post is about looking glam for a whole lot less and I will be talking about 2 outfits. First on the list is our darling VB! Lady Posh is wearing a figure hugging peplum dress with a price tag of £2,095 ! Did I hear you scream whatttttt!!!! but the good news is you can get yours for a whole lot less for £2,095 £80! Yeah!£80 only! Check this out and let me have your say. In other news am not sure what happened to her arm here cos they look kind of weird or is it my vision? Anyways I still love her still. Hehehehe. Like what you see? Please place your order and let it be the grey coloured one your are ordering sha. I can hear you say 'yeah right' Next post please!

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