Thursday, 20 December 2012

LPS Work Chic

work chic 
So I created this look with realistic priced items which means all items are available to order individually. What do you think of it even though I'm not feeling the spiked belt but wanted some swag to the look which brings me to my usual question; Swag or swop???(: Skirt looks transparent in the picture so I have included the original picture. See after the cut. Thanks to nollywoodreinvented for the observation.

Just Ordered..

Love the black dress. It's new, fresh and looks like a breath of fresh air from the usuals but I have a feeling other stores would soon copy & paste the design. #Sad Click to see more

Meet LPS Client

Yeah!!! She is presently in Law school & I tagged her as Black & White Ivie is rocking her Skirt Suit, Shirt & Zara shopper's bag. Lovely!!!

Red & Blue


A reader emailed me this morning on how to wear the blue blazer I posted yesterday in my blazed out post. This is what I came up with. What do you think? Yay or Nay? Would love to know how you will rock the blue blazer.

Just Ordered

When I received this email yesterday, I actually fainted and then woke up because this jacket in the exact colour has been on my wish list forever but this was only available in size 8. That moment you start wishing for a smaller figure. LoL. Click to see some gorgeous vest she ordered with it. Love and want them all. 
Btw end of year sales has kicked of guys. This is the best time to grab those items on you wish list

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