Thursday, 20 December 2012

LPS Work Chic

work chic 
So I created this look with realistic priced items which means all items are available to order individually. What do you think of it even though I'm not feeling the spiked belt but wanted some swag to the look which brings me to my usual question; Swag or swop???(: Skirt looks transparent in the picture so I have included the original picture. See after the cut. Thanks to nollywoodreinvented for the observation.


  1. That's an interesting skirt. Wouldn't wear it in this lifetime (unless I was getting paid lol) but still an interesting skirt :)

    1. hehehehe..Now the skirt is not interesting dear but for some funny reasons appears transparent in the picture. For peace sake I have included the single piece after the cut so click to see pic.

    2. nice skirt how much?


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