Thursday, 21 February 2013

Zara's Office City Bag

Got this today for a client and I put my hands up for this bag!!! The bag make sense die!!!Every generous in size.It's exactly what it is called. Office bag of life. Btw the bowling bags I blogged about yesterday is not friendly in size at all. So if you are a fan of big bags,  you will not be looking at that direction. Click to see more pictures 

'Bag of Life'

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  1. Fantastic bag! I'm torn btwn ds one and d shopper bag, reminds me of my asos bag, good buy on a budget! On the issue of size u can just buy a measuring tape, the type tailors use then check d size and see if its as big or small as u want it. Dts wt I do wen ordering from Seyi and it wrks! Thank me layrah! :)


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