Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hey peeps! How are you all doing today? So I finally got my MacBook Pro and I can confirm to you it was love at first sight. I was so excited that I forgot to log out of my Facebook page at the store and trust those britico children! They sure had a field day posting nonsense on my page that I started getting calls and pings asking if my brain was still intact.

So this is my first post using my new baby( is good I tell you) Hope the post is looking as posh as my baby?haha! 

In other gist, I bumped into Bimbo Akintola in Marks & Spencer store today and trust me when I say her basket was full with loads of bargain. Do not say I told you. We ended up getting the same bus home (yes LPS do buses as well hehe) 

Anywayz, I'm going back to my tutorial. I must make good use of this machine. Catch you all later



  1. Hian... babe me and you need to get together and go places. Keyword: together.

    Why is it that when I shop I don't meet anybody lol?

  2. hehehe..No problem babes. We are in it together. Btw that Rain movie was total waste of space. Apologies to my Ghana visitors.#okbye *picks race*

  3. Which one is Rain movie?I'm soo confused so my dear,u are totally forgiven,if it rubbish,then it rubbish,no apologies!*stay back &dont Bolt!hehe
    I have a pink blazer,pray do tell how I should rock it,especially the jeans/pant color,the inner top &shoe color to wear it.
    Thank u &waiting.


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