Thursday, 15 November 2012

New online finds.

So I came across this clothing site and I am loving their collections so far. My only but is the length of the dress but I'm sure you will like them especially the 5 foot plus ladies. If you are not a fan of mini clothes, then this post is not for you. Another plus is their prices are very OK. Two of my selection on this post is currently on sale for £5!!! (I know you will like that). Anyway click to continue and let me know what you think. 


  1. Han ahn, what do you mean "I" would like this post bcos it carries the 5pounds sign. *shines teeth* I dont like it oo.
    Any way i like the last 7 pics and i want them all. heheheheh.

  2. 2 quick questions. are the clothes for short people like me? am 5foot. and how much is the 1st dress and the 7th dress?

    1. Guess the size will be fine on you as most model are 5Foot. Landing cost to Lagos is N8500 each


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