Monday, 4 June 2012

My own 2 cents…. #DanaCrash

Aderonke , my dearest friend & customer sent this poem to me via BBM and I decided to share with you. Am still hoping this is a bad dream because right now am short of words. Read poem after the cut.

With a very heavy heart I sit in front of my desk, trying hard not to cry and taking deep breaths to un-burden my heart.

I usually don’t write but I seem moved to put something down, I don’t know how long this would be or if it would even make sense, but I will try anyways. Yesterday 153 people crash landed to their death. People of various works of life, with different faiths, different ethnicity, they were bided safe journey, they spoke to their loved ones, who told them they would be waiting to pick them up at the airport, little did they know that that safe journey was indeed for a different destination.

So, it is the day after, and some of us have moved on with life, a few of us would mourn a little longer, update ur bb, fb and twitter pages a little longer, for the families that lost loved ones the pain would linger longest, but in the end life must go on, we would all pick up what is left and move on.

Yes it is important that we move on, but it is even more important that we reflect on this mishap. Life indeed is short, so we have to make the best of it. I know it is easier said than done for even me the writer, but it is the truth. Imagine how the people alive who have grudges with the people that have died would feel, imagine if you lived this life procrastinating and life ended before you got around actualizing that dream.

So as you read this I really hope it provokes you to reflect on your life, imagine it was your funeral and the one closest to you had to speak about the life you lived and your character, what would you want that person to say…..

As I end, I feel it is necessary to share this, few words of advice:- don’t sweat the small stuff, love with all your heart, be less judgmental, don’t be so vain, pray hard, forgive easily and let go, communicate, go after your dreams, your inner most desires, be generous, just give and don’t expect anything in return, stay positive and live everyday like it could be your last.


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