Thursday, 2 August 2012

Look of the Day

The clutch bag is ......(Fill in the gap) Lovely!!! 


  1. After carefully analyzing the situation and looking at these pictures, I've come to the more than logical conclusion that YOU need to start shopping for me.

    Ofcourse,that is only when I've saved enough money to afford you lmao

  2. Isn't she lovely?*in a sing song voice*
    And ooh sorry for the trashing YesT,I cringed soo bad thruout the game.
    Well if it any consolation a,u guys helped in making history!Go D'tyga(#team9ja)!
    Anytime I come to this blog,all I wanna do is go rob a bank but hei the devil is a liar!I shall not be tempted!hehehe


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