Thursday, 2 August 2012

Meet Leslie:The Hottest Preggo

By the way she has delivered a lovely cute baby girl but I am so in love with her preggo look-book. Tell me if any man will not be proud if his woman is this hot while on the 9 month course.Loving the Leopard print and touch of red. Pregnancy sure agrees with her. More pic when you continue..


  1. What a wish!!none of my friends looked this radiant during pregnancy oo,they all had bloated face,feet &body!last thing on their mind was wearing stiletos.
    One of them walked like she had watermelons stuck inbtn her thighs &i aint kidding.
    She sure looks great but the reality of this is few(not saying impossible).
    The earlier post looked more 'doable'.

  2. Nna y'all are working this pregnancy look. Unu ekwero ekwe though.


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