Tuesday, 7 August 2012

LPS Clients rocking buys.

Hey Guys!

Apologies for my lazyness regarding putting up prices for the pocket friendly buys. Will make amend soon. These are some pictures my clients sent in recently so I thot I should share with you all.  First on the list is Barinola rocking her Hawes & Curtis Shirt. She is my very first customer and the Floral print shirt is my very first buy. I am not sure but I feel I have mentioned this in previous post so apologies if am sounding like a broken record.

Next up is Lauretta. She had to loose the baby fat to fit into the dress. I must commend her though because after two lovely boys she is still a size 10. Well done babes!

Here is my lovely wise boss lady Ogo rocking her complete Blouse & Peg trouser. This lovely lady has kept me busy for the past 2 weeks in that she referred 3 of her work colleagues to LPS. She rocks.

Here is my very own Onyx Hair CEO rocking buys with her cute lil sister. Let me not even start on these two sisters cos I will be bias. Love them silly!!! Can you see the Zara blazer and Envelope bag?

Her this is my IrokoTv boss lady rocking her cute petite size 6 peplum dress. She made me pay the $5 IrokoTV subscription. Haha

More coming soon.

Btw the max and min price for those pocket friendly buys are £50 & £40 respectively


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