Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Meet Corrie: the hottest guy from Chicago

Happy Wednesday peeps

He is 24 and described his style as versatile. Do you like? I mean for a 24years old, I feel he nailed it yeah? Are you feeling his make up? More when you continue.


  1. D cloths are gorgeous soo lovely,d combo is amazing n I'm luvin evr bit of d make he has on...aint feelin it @ all.he luks beta wifout d mk up.shld b in london soon,hp u hlp me arrange ma closet?ow muh wil dt cost?#giggles#

  2. No offense but I actually thouught he was a mannequin especially the first two pics,the party scene one changed my mind.
    So yea that should tell u the make up is a no no,he looks toyish with it.
    However,I think his color combo were fab,stealing the ideas &making it fun for a girl ASAP.

  3. He has great style from what I see. As for the makeup, no beuno. In the first couple pictures, I felt something looked off about his face. I know he must look better without it.


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