Monday, 24 December 2012

Skirts currently on sale. Grab a bargain.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone. The Happy times are indeed here.Just came back to my wish list on-line and alas my people, some of my items has been reduced. *azonto dance* Now I've been eyeing the skirt above since it appeared on-line but now fear grip me because the drastic reduction in the price makes me wonder if it's a good buy. Imagine from £45 now £13.50? Kilode!!! I ordered it anywayz so fingers & legs crossed. I've decided to wear more of skirts these days since I feel is makes me look shorter somehow and this will be my 10th buy in 4 weeks. *innocent face* 

So I picked a few that are currently on sale with at least 50% off and I hope you see something you like even though some of them has back slits. My fave are 2,4 & 8. That Polka dot green skirt is the Skirt!!! Only Toolz & I own it so far (iJoke) Click to see more

Some of these items looks quite long though but works fine for me because they sits right above my kneels.


  1. Pls how do I get the green skirt?

    1. Send me an email with your details..x


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