Saturday, 22 September 2012

Brogues Creepers request

A customer sent me a mail yesterday asking for Brogues Creepers and these are what I have found. These are classic style for men but the good thing is , it works for women as well if paired rightly.

Now I know most of us like being girly and all so I decided to post some few pictures of how you can rock yours just in case you decided to get one. Click for more.

She is going with the Burgundy which happens to be my choice as well.

 I prefer when paired with shorts for social outing. It looks more fun! So what do you think of the style? 


  1. how much is the 1st one in the picture?

  2. Hi Zaynab, thank you for adding me on BB. The first picture was what the customer sent to me describing what she wants. So I don't have the price for it. x

  3. you are welcome. can you pls help me ask for the price of that particular one?


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