Saturday, 9 February 2013

Introducing Totally Large Shoes.

During my lunch break yesterday, I did a quick one to Baker Street to do some Long Tall Sally shopping where I came across this shop called Totally Large Shoes. You bet I was interested to go in and see what they are all about but the sales assistant left a note on the door that reads 'I'll be back in 10mins' Was I disappointed? Oh Yes. I had just 10mins to make it back to Waterloo so I quickly copied their website and made my way back to work. 

Now their website is really interesting. The prices are displayed in 3 currencies :Pounds,Euro and Naira! as in my beloved country currencies. They make up to size 45 for ladies shoes and they have a few stylish designs. My two fave are the ones displayed on the blog and I'm saving towards one of their quilted black boots.

So if you have the problem of finding trendy shoes in large sizes, you better check them out here 


  1. So they have pounds and euros. And dollar nko?

  2. Why do they always make big feet shoes fugly :(

    1. I wonder..maybe we should sign a


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