Monday, 28 January 2013

Val's gift ideas for him & her

Love these hand weights so much. My fave for him so far!!! It comes in different Kgs and the colours are on point
 Nollywoodreinvented requested for this post so here we are. These are just few of the sturvs I found on John Lewis. If I have time, I'll check more sites but for now, click to see more Val's gift Ideas. I can't promise any delivery to Nigeria if in case you are interested. That's the major reason I didn't bother doing a post on it in the first place. Apologies in advance. Having said that, if we use express online delivery for it, chances are the order might meet my Friday cargo to Lagos. 

Tommy Hilfiger 

Tommy Hilfiger

iPhone Case by the Boss himself;Hugo!!!

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather scent for £700 


For her starts here....

Tom Ford Black Orchid is available in Lagos right now for pick up

My fave for her. I even ordered one for my self. *winks* She is so cute

This is polka dots PJ is so tempting

The complete set is on point

Reminds me of Mac Candy Yum yum

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