Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pick your Fave

Given a choice to pick one, which one of these would you go for? Cinderella shoes by Annie Jean-Baptise or Skeleton necklace by Vivenne Westwood? #HevilThingz


  1. The necklace cos I can rock it but u know I can't wear heels so buyin dat will just be a reminder of what I cannot do. Except if I can give some talented shoemaker lol to see if it can be changed to like block heel of like 3 inches (there is talent in naija oooo) without spoilin it

  2. I love d shoes, but if I'm wearing it, I will make sure no one gets close 2 me to avoid stories dat touch...lol

  3. The necklace defo, anything vivienne westwood!


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