Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Is this right or wrong?

A reader of the blog sent this picture to me and wants your opinion. I was told she sells shoes in the states and this is one of her advert strategy. Is this right or wrong. After all it's a free world innit?


  1. Soooooo wrong! Shows how tasteless she is. Its like u posin naked with clothes around u. I'll be the one to send it to matron! Kapish!!

  2. Dats cause she's black innit?. If she was a white skinny model, it won't seem so wrong.please, its her own marketing strategy, so everyone doesn't hav to like it. Moreover, the shoes on her body look really fine and classy.....meaning she has taste.#wink

  3. The shoes aren't even nice!u want catch me wearing any of these!
    To anon: A white model would have bn thoroughly airbrushed so it would have been tasteful this one screams 'WTF'
    What a tacky way 2 advertise shoes.


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