Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Beyoncé's new habit

Bey has a new habit and her name is Instagram.For the past few weeks now she has been dishing out some pictures which some fans are not happy with. They claim she is trying to take Solange's place. The last time I checked, it's a free world so why the celebrity envy? 

Anyways I love the fact that she is having fun and showing us a bit of her everyday fashion style. It's interesting & very refreshing.The yellow & black dress  is hot and I see myself in it.#Now browsing Asos hehehe

Click to see two more pics and tell me what you think.

Nice one Bey


  1. I love the fact that she is becoming more 'chill'. She deserves it! The way the media (and all of us) put her on a pedestal like no we can all make mistakes but she can't. This will at least remind us that she's a human being. And ofcourse as you can tell... I LOVE HER!


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