Saturday, 10 November 2012

Photo of the day.

The 3 sisters at the meet and greet session today at Westfield  Nice!
Crowd waiting patiently to catch a glimpse of the K sisters. Some of them got there since 4am to get a good position while the sisters arrived like 1pm . Like seriously?


  1. And what are these people famous for again?their contribution to society?especially teaching young ladies to be the next Michelle Obama?
    The impact of reality tv!wake up @ 4am to go catch a glimpse of who again?smh

  2. Pls abena go n watch CNN , dnt come to a fashion blog to talk abt morals

  3. Hey Anonymous,Abena is 100% correct.I don't Abena incase you are wondering. The 4am vigil is ridiculous. Go easy on the way you talk,tis not nice.
    My name is Chidinma, so u'd know.


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