Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pocket Friendly Finds.

My MTN customer sent me an email today and she wrote "So Seyi you have to look for either a peplum top or a nice pencil dress I can wear for a wedding that is not expensive...abi how can you be my Personal London Shopper and I won't have a single peplum dress in my closet..lol!!!'' Now that is a big sin!!! Like seriously, with all my Peplum-cious posts, my customer still don't have 1 in her closet??? #Surprised face. Maybe I should just end this blog because you guys are not responding or what do you reckon? #Eyelashes 

So I swung into action to fish out these fabulous items currently trending in stores for my lovely readers. Now these won't break your bank trust me.  The highest landing cost especially for the dresses is N8500 (Lagos Nigeria) 

Check them out and make sure you drop a thank you aunty Seyi comment down below.#OKbye


  1. see as u set me up here...see u in camera!
    and did i say thank u aunty seyi*****

    1. LOL...Me I did not mention any name oh...anyway see you in camera.

  2. Totally love the dresses. Going to hack a bank. *rushes off*

  3. i like, i want all would ve to rob a bank..... thanks u aunty seyi>>>>


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