Sunday, 28 October 2012


Happy Sunday Guys! How was your night? So we in the UK gained an extra hour in bed today..*Azonto* Yeah the clock went backward which officially ends the British summer time. Hello Winter!!! haha. So what did you do with your extra hour sleep my lovely UK readers? Mine was used browsing stores to see what's hot and affordable. *winks*

Now back to the quiz. What movie does Emma Roberts outfit remind you off? The movie was shot in 1990 so the outfit was worn 22 years ago. Also Emma's aunt played the lead role in the movie. My regular commentator nollywoodreinvented is exempted from this quiz oh but free to drop her regular comment tho..hehehe

Have a fabulous week peeps.


  1. Nora roberts in pretty woman!I was a gr8 fan of d movie

    1. Well done. Amazing how the outfit still looks hawt after 22 years.

  2. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

  3. julia Robert in Pretty Woman 1 (That is the outfit she wore the day she met Richard Gere)


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