Sunday, 28 October 2012

Laundry tips

So I got a complain last week from a customer who was very unhappy about her dress after one wash and I decided to talk about caring for your clothes. Now I've fallen victim countless times of not following the washing instructions on my clothes, hence I understand that bad feeling when you can't re-rock your clothes after one wash. Taking care of your clothes will not only make them last longer but will also make you look good. Now the question is how many of us are following the washing instructions on our clothes? You see that little tag attached to your clothes which shows you fabric composition and washing instructions is not there for fancy babes. Is meant to be followed religiously if you want your clothes to last longer.

Taking care of your clothes is very essential and knowing how to wash them correctly is where it all began. These are some few tips I follow when doing my laundry
  • Washing Instruction tags: These tags can not be over emphasized because almost all the tips on this post can be found on the tags. It will save you the drama if adhered to. For example, if it says wash at 30 degrees, then set your washing machine at the temperature setting. It also important to use the right water temperature. Dark colours should be washed with cold water while light colours should be washed with warm water. Also look out for drying instructions because some garment should not be spinned and some needs reshaping whilst damp. 
  • Dry Clean Only garment : I always advise my clients to stay clear of 'Dry Clean Only Clothes'.  If you know you can't afford the dry cleaner services, no matter how gorgeous or affordable the outfit is, do not buy. 
  • Hand wash only clothes: these type of clothings should never find itself in the washing machine. This is another important thing to look out for when buying your clothes. Some of us are so lazy these days that we can't even wash our underwear with our bare hands again. No thanks to the technology.
  • Separate clothes colours & fabric composition. This is my number 1 personal crime. I always not get it right on this one and I have paid dearly for it. Always separate your clothes into dark and light colours. Also the fabric composition is important when you do your laundry. Wash similar fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton separately. My own wahala is I might have 20 pieces to wash and by the time I separate them, I can just have only 2 in one category hence I will just pack all together and chunk into the machine. Trust me guys, I've cried loads of times when I see the outcome.
  • Iron as instructed: Some clothes have their ironing instructions like iron on inside out (not the talk show) or iron on reverse. This should not be overlooked. 
  • Avoid using harsh detergents. Some detergents are just too hard on our clothes and I will advice you always read and follow the instructions on the detergent packs. Detergent can be biological which is excellent for stain removal and non biological which you can use if you have sensitive skin. So it all depends on you to choose the right detergents.
  • Lastly use fabric conditioners which helps to soften your fabric and makes ironing very easy. 

Wow! This looks like my longest write up post ever. Apologies for the long essay but hope this helps. Pardon me if you see any error. I will love to read from you so kindly share any laundry tips you have in the comment box below. Remember we learn everyday and there is always love in sharing.


  1. So true... We r too impatient to follow simple instruction! Nice post

  2. what of us that use our hands and sunlight soap bar? Any advice please


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