Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wholesale & Retail Available.

Hello Guys,
Hope your day went well and y'all are ready for the new week? Seriously these weekends go too quickly :( I've some serious bargain for y'all. Just so you know, these items just arrived and still sells at full price in store. I can send you the links if you want. See pictures below of the just arrived in stores from one of the UK High Street Shops that I have for wholesale and retail @ unbelievable discounted rates. Holla if you are interested. Good night y'all & Sweet dreams.


  1. are they for can i get an orange dress, i love the pink design

    1. Yes Blessing. They are for sale and LPS can get you the pink and orange dress of your dream. Send us an email telling us what you want and in what size.


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