Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fashion Face Off

Now this is my favourite post for today.. My two lovely ladies rocking their LPS buys which happens to be the same style in different colour. In my candid opinion they both nailed it but I would like you readers to please vote for your favourite look. Em please be honest and give your reasons for your choice. Thanks guys!


  1. chic on my right pulled it bera!

  2. Chick on the left did a very good job considering her body size.She s a perfect example of what a plus size should look like.For me she s my fav cos she wz brave enuf to pull that look off and she came out perfect.

  3. Thanks ladies

  4. The lady on d left worked d ensemble perfectly dose shoes too.Great sense of style!
    The lady in d middle dressed up d way a plus-sized wud dress;it didn't suit her figure.
    I can't say much bout d lady on d right cos d pic aint full;bt her smile rocked it!

  5. The lady on the left pulled it off considering her body size Α̲̅πϑ ¶ love her shoe!

  6. the lady in green rocked it for me, :-)


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