Saturday, 18 February 2012

London Fashion Week Inspired!!!

Hiya People,

Hope your week end is going well? Well am still all teary eyes from Whitney Houston Elizabeth Nippy's Funeral.:'( Pray her soul finds the rest she deserves! Good night Whit. I will always love you! OK back to the theme of this blog..It's the London Fashion week..yippppeee! of cos we are excited. So this weeks' post is all about...hear you guessed right...Designers Collection! I just grabbed (well that was the only thing i could grab though ;-))a bargain for myself and felt I should share it with you fabulous people. It's a Lulu Guinness Clutch bag from the site out site. Original price was £230 but hey guess what..I got freaking 65% off making it £80! Now that what I call a B-A-R-G-A-I-N! So let me not bore you with my stories. hope you all have a fab weekend and make sure you are in church tomorrow! Please note we welcome suggestions and feedback (constructive ones please cos am such an emotional wreck ha ha)and if you want anything from the UK please try our services. We won't disappoint you. Love u all my readers and kindly spread the blog

Good night dearies! xoxo

This was the bag I grabbed. For more bargains, follow the link below


  1. Her death is a huge loss for those who love her and for the music industry. Great blog!

  2. Thanks dear.

    Followed you back as well amd must inspired!


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