Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Primark now online?

So yesterday it was Selfridges stocking Primark jeans in their stores and online. Guess who is following their steps? Asos!!! You need to see me scream 'Praise the Lord' like I was about to share one mind blowing testimony. LoL . 

This is indeed good news for my special Primark dolls (they know themselves) because no more  'snap and send via bbm'  duties for me. Haha

Now if you are still one of those that feels Primark is rubbish, you are definitely on a longest thingz because Primark level don change ohhhh. Primark don port go Selfridges & Asos (in Saka's voice...blame it on my last trip to Nigeria) 

Click to see more. Maxi dresses sold for £10

Check more pieces here


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  2. Even I'm not in the UK and I'm still bloody excited about this

    1. Babes you don't wanna know how super cool this news is. With Asos free delivery and ruturns, shopping P is defo @ our finger tips.


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