Monday, 3 June 2013

Denim Studio launched today in Selfridges

Selfridges wrote:

Welcome to the world’s biggest denim destination! From £11 to £11,000 and must have global exclusives find your perfect pair today in our new Denim Studio launched today in London and online. 

Now the good thing is their £11 jeans are from Primark! London shoppers are not happy about this development though claiming that their rep will drop if they continue to stock Primark pieces. What do you reckon? The boyfriend jeans in the picture above looks good I must confess and you can check more of the Primark pieces for Selfridges here

Dear Selfridges, if you can read this, kindly bring more of the Primark pieces online. Makes my job lot easier. Thank you in advance


In other news, who buys a pair of Jeans for £11,000?

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