Friday, 17 May 2013

Natural Hair Transition.

So I finally decided to join the natural hair rockers! Hmmmm let's be honest, afraid is catching me sha. (scared). Now my relaxed hair was just not doing it again for me since I have been on relaxers for 13 solid years, I felt I needed a break!!!I've practically been living on youtube lately watching every single video on Natural hair and making a list of all the products required for a successful journey. I've even learnt how to make pure coconut oil which in my opinion is serious business.( the igbo blood in me) lol.God bless the founders of Youtube and all the amazing Youtubers out there. Let the blog church family say...Amen!!! lol

My last relaxer was in September 2012. I ve been on mostly braids which is my only protective style for now but something happened in March 2013..I did a weave for my birthday and left my hair out. Obviously I needed to relax that bit so that is my dilemma :( 

Anyhoo, these are the products purchased so far from my endless list but I think I will stop at these first because I don't want to be a product junkie! I will try these on my hair first and then see how it responds to them.

Oh btw, Boots is doing a buy one, get one free (BOGOF) on all Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioners. See what I got after the cut. Hopefully, I will be sharing my natural hair journey on the blog. #hopefully!!!

Now all these items are available to order (winks).If interested, send me your email. Are you rocking natural hair? Please share your tips in the comment box. Thank you.


  1. Wow! Never knew you do hair products as well. Sending you my list by the way and yet to more of these kind of post. Wish you luck in your hair journey.

  2. Go for it babes. The best decision ever! My fave is the Cantu butter.its amaze-ball

  3. Aww good luck. I'm not natural neither am I ever going natural at least not anytime soon sha but started my healthy hair journey back in February and since then Christ alone knows how many oils have gone on this hair.

    Lol not a product junkie it was just hard to find which product was going to work for my hair especially considering that now I have to stretch my relaxers for longer than I ever thought possible.

    Youtube is like a college of its own, if I do say so myself. And they're really encouraging and helpful

    1. I lol reading your comment esp the Christ alone bit.
      True @ YT but this natural hair na serious work. Praying in tongues for my braider to call me in for braids haha!


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