Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Today's bargain finds

So I'm loving these 3 items today simply because of their price tag. The cute tote bag is from Asos and is priced at £25.  Although small in size but I think the colour is amazing. Do you agree? Click for more

Next is this cute hot orange Mini Skirts with front pockets from G-21 and for £12 only, we say 'yes Lord' to it.

Now I need a denim pencil skirt in my life right now and I think this might just be the answer to my prayer. For £20, this fine girl from Boohoo can never go wrong.

Which one of these is your fave. You better comment else I will go on another sabbatical leave again.hehe 


  1. Wow!!!tanks for dz post I rly need dat orange skirt

  2. Seyi that orange skirt is soooooooo cute I want a size I4 in itand what's the cost?


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