Monday, 1 April 2013

Michael Kors order.

Happy New month my loves.

 OK I've been a very naughty girl for not updating this our blog like I use to but my dears, March (my birth month) was just packed with loads of activities for me. Apart from your massive orders, personal activities was on the increase hence the lack of updates. But I'm back now at least for the next 2 weeks cos I'll be flying away very soon to a place near you*winks*

Anywayz help me welcome the new addition to the family. I ordered this bag for myself and decided to share with you since there is love in sharing. I wanted a black everyday bag so badly and I ended up with Bro Michael Kors (big smiles) Bedford shoulder bag. Click to see more.

The compartments was the number 1 reason for buying this bag. You can never go wrong with 3.

 The size was the 2nd reason for buying. Height 35cm, Width 31cm, depth 15cm, handle drop 17cm .This should be a key factor when buying bags because some of us can't do without carrying loads of stuff. If you don't have the measuring tape, use the normal primary school ruler.

Last but not the least reason for buying is the ........Yeah you guessed right. The name of course! MK of life..Just in case you don't know who bros is, kindly ask goggle..iJoke. 

Anyhow, hope your Easter was fun-filled?Mine was though, thanks to my crew. What have you got yourself lately and I hope it was through


  1. hii pls how much is the bag? looking for an everyday black bag and am really liking this. thanks

    1. Please email



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