Sunday, 17 March 2013

Photos of the Day: Zara Bag of the week

So last week's cargo session was loaded with the Zara Dressy Suede Bowling bags which I personally approve for all ladies. I keep asking myself if Zara can ever go wrong with their designs? This Dressy bag is another bag of life! Very rugged and generous in size. The monochrome stamp is another plus to this bag. Need I say more? Just click to see more pictures

Why was I doing 'the sexy eye' pose here sef ?lol

 This Bag and many more Zara pieces is available to order via LPS services and for landing cost to Nigeria, please email or


  1. Meeeeen biz must be good o! Really need one of those!

    1. lol...Let me send to you now. *WINKS*

  2. Hello, do you still have those?


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