Friday, 8 February 2013

Throwback Thursday Outfit :Neon & Blue

LoL @ Picture on the left. I look like a fat giant!!!*Covered Face* This is why I hate heels

Hey guys!!! Trust you are well? This is just a quick tbt post.(was meant to post yday but was very busy)  I rocked the blue bodycon dress from Dorothy Perkins in December 2011 for Tolu's Sister 50th birthday and I decided to re-rock just for a blog post last week. Not sure if I lost weight or not but I prefer my 2011 look though or it is the hair? Click to see more

Say what? LoL
I added a neon jacket to upgrade the dress last week

I think it's high time I say goodbye to the dress because I'm no longer feeling it. What do you think?


  1. While saying goodbye to the dress, say goodbye to the hair too

  2. Hahaha,Zaynab u mean but u right.
    Seyi in saying goodbye,could u pls resend it to Ghana?I 'love' hand me downs which are still in excellent shape.*wink*
    Thanks and would be waiting..

  3. Not being mean Abena lol, I got mad love for seyi, just being honest! ;)

  4. Babes, why would you call yourself a fat giant though? Think what you need to learn is how to rock heels...Get some tips from Agbani Darego, Oluchi, and even Julius Agwu's wife. The latter two are taller that their husband's and still rock heels while looking sexy as heck.


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