Monday, 4 February 2013

Pictures:Winter Wonderland

One of my followers sent me a reminder about my promise to upload the pictures from our trip to Winter Wonderland on the 1st of January. I totally forgot about it so here we are. Just a few of the ones I want to share.Enjoy! Looking forward to our next trip in March to celebrate our birthdays!!!#Can't wait.

These are my personal persons. L-R Tolu, Tosin & Bola
Bola & Seyi (LPS CEO) Just so you know .hehehe

London Eye was up rooted to Hyde Park..hahahaha

The Tallest of all..

My Special date

Scream it Loud!!!!LPS rocks!!!!!!haha

The hot dogs though!!!

Banana & Honey Pancakes..Yum-Yum

Some tatafo moments..

Live band..They were really good


  1. Babes!wht happened to d hotdogs#sarcastic look

    1. I swear this Cheechee girl enjoys embarrasing herself!in ur bid to overfamzes,see what u wrote?what is sarcastic look?u just heard the word &decided to use it eh?u probally meant straight face bcos sarcastic means:Given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt And Sarcasm is "a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter gibe or taunt" usually conveyed through irony.
      Bet ur remark isn't bitter or contempt.
      Please make use of ur dictionary so ur vocabulary can be rich!fine girl like u,overindulging in ignorance &malapropism.
      And yes u are welcome for the free tutorials given and no I'm not a HATER!

    2. #not interested smiley.and no ure nt a hater just jobless to type this long note??.u try sha.lps needs the likes of u to keep us busy.

    3. Hahahaha,ooh dear!u people love shouting jobless &hater when the truth hits home!
      I don't blame u,u are very lazy and averse to learning new things so that would be your best response.
      I really wish I was jobless tho so I could lay about in my couch the whole day and be an avid internet troll like u.*lookingforwardtotheday I would stop working &live on my savings. *wishfulthinking*
      BTW Seyi the pics r nice,seems u guys had fun!


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