Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kim Kardashian Wardrobe query

So Kim was in Nigeria recently and we have started receiving wardrobe query. One of my customers wanted a leather dress just like Kims'. Well I found something similar online but am not sure if it's close. Click to see after the cut. 

Btw, who was at the show? Hope it was worth it despite Kim's 2 sec appearance?


  1. Huh?seriously?ur customer must be one of those overly obssesed with Kim!because for the life of me,I don't know why any true fashion conscious person would want to wear this extremely 'UGLY gladiatorial heat generating leather dress!'
    FHI-not everything a talentless reality show girl wears is fashionable!
    I don't wanna believe this ur customer lives in Nigeria oo,why punish herself in this tropics by wearing that??!!Hian!I'm upset!

  2. Shut up biatch..always has some long speech to post..wht ur biz?is it ur money.#smh

  3. Upset ke over someone's choice of dress.ure a fool I must say

  4. Lols... Now, this blog is turnin to anoda blog oo. Interestin *still zippin my zobo in a lacasera pet* kharisma

  5. The two irrelevant MOFOS who live under Anonymous who called me a biatch &a fool all for stating an opinion?Kp3le oo,how's it my fault if u can't construct sentences like mine?but choose to write without punctuations?see your life?
    I still don't like the dress,those of u who confuse money with class!

  6. Lmao,so ur question marks all thru are d punctuations??
    Seriously abena,u dnt always hv to talk.its nt always necessary.kEep ur opinion to urself especially when it has to do with criticizing one's fashion decision #shut up n stay low

  7. Okay now! From fashion to English class. Let's go there. "Pls who is the English teacher here? I ARE sir. Lolss. Kharis


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