Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bbm updates

These are few bbm updates from my correct clients that knows the time.*winks*


  1. SMH! Cos some people called you out on your overpriced services they are uncorrect? Grow up girl.

  2. Overpriced u call it isshe meant t run a charity organisation y must we have beefers in dis life if u cnt afford her prices den u go Aba go buy she isn't compellin u to partronnise n we aint complainin arrrghhhh ur so immature i think u need to grow up Looser

    1. lol! Seyi has replied in her defense again under the guise of anonymous this time...sigh!

  3. @Anon-16:36:what happened to the punctuation marks on ur device?haba!how could u write a whole essay without even a single punctuation,ur english teachers must be soo disappointed!u could go back 2 school so u cld spell loser correctly &criticise properly!
    @Anon-9:03-haha u are on Seyi case eh,wahala don come!but I could agree with u small,Seyi likes hitting back @ her critiques in very subtle ways with her subsequent post.
    Seyi sweetie,pls grow a tough skin ok?and don't come back hitting at ur critiques,not cool @ all.


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