Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Asos Tutu Peplum Vs Ankara Necklace

Hello everyone!!! Today's outfit is rather weird because I decided to wear my own style. In this post, I was wearing Asos Tutu Peplum top (thanks to Stella of Jadore Fashion for rocking this top in one of her posts) paired with a River Island pencil skirt. The name of the top is very unusual because Tutu is a yoruba name in Nigeria. So yours truly decided to jazz it up a bit with my gorgeous ankara buttons necklace gifted to me by the most amazing friend ever: Bola even though she advised me not to post these pictures. To my surprise, Asos Fashion liked the picture on my instagram page along with 26 likes!!! whoowhoo!!! More when you continue..

I know the necklace piece is stale news in Nigeria but trust me when I say it's only 3 of us that is presently rocking it now in London. hahaha.iJoke
 I will rock the heck out of it so be prepared for enough recycled use of this necklace on my blog. Apologies in advance. The top is available in petite size 10 and pencil skirt is still hot in stores. As for the necklace, talk to your tailor!!!

Tosin rocking hers as well. The piece gives instant glam to your outfit.


  1. Uhmm really dnt like the look tho :( but i love the necklace :D


  2. Wow go gurl! Love it madly! I always wanted to tell you that your outfits are too safe for me but you nailed this one Hun! Get ready for bashing tho cos d look is unique!

    1. So true babes at safe outfits. The thing is pple dress based on the opinion of others but love it when pple create thier own style. i love to see more jazzy look like this. I have some orders to make madame. Will send u an email now

  3. Yea!I loved it on IG too. Please can you help me get the pant the model is wearing?Love your blog darling

  4. this is nice & necklace is hot...LOL @ recycling necklace.. beautiful combination all together...weldone!!!! JESS

  5. Dream on LPS. Ankara necklace is soooo last year in London. Hehee!! U only just discovered it girl... I sold lots for £20-£25 each Xxx DesTo

  6. I love the peplum top. How much is landing cost to lagos?

  7. Skirt still available in size 12?wats d landing cost 2 lasgidi?


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