Sunday, 20 January 2013

Today's Outfit:ASOS Pencil Dress In Wiggle Shape In Wallpaper Print

Happy Sunday peeps! How was your night? Today's church outfit is from my new love; Asos!!!LTS is still my first though but at the rate I'm stocking up on Asos buys at a very reasonable price, I might tweak their position.
Now of all the names in the www, Asos choose to add 'wallpaper print' to this dress. That alone nearly put me off though but I took a positive risk. Dress has 4 colours options but as I type this, only the blue is left. See pink on model after the cut. What do you advice? Should I stick to Asos or LTS?

 Btw, I need to go for training on how to set the camera. Apologies for all the funny looking pictures. Let's just say I will get there someday ;)

The dress has it's own belt which sadly is not obvious in both pictures. Will def be rocking with other belt colours next time. 
 Which colour do you prefer?


  1. Lovely dress... but i like d pink more :) u look fab in both Asos n lts :D/// Have a nice Sunday :)

  2. I luv both colors! The color depends on the skin tone but will look good on most skin tones. Its a nice dress and I think both asos and lts have great styles. Guess it all depends on pocket size rite. 5 gbosas for u.

    1. 5 gbosas well received Dr Ajibs..xo

  3. Love the dress die!!!Niceone LPS

  4. You look amazing.How come you are still single?Hope you =catch man in church babe

  5. Beautiful dress infact all ur asos dresses are.

  6. You must spend a lot on clothes every month! everyday is a new dress! Na you dey reign!

  7. That sleeve's tight on your arm babe. See the model's and yours :)


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