Sunday, 6 January 2013

Today I'm wearing....

I'm back again with world famous Primark pick. This dress was £26 but now £10 in the winter sales. Love this dress so much but again can't wear due to the size issue. It has a belt hole but didn't come with a belt,hence I paired it with my green belt from Asos (2011 winter sales buy)  
Now the envelope purse is another Primark pick which personally I feel it's a steal for £8. Saw it on Bella Naija where a chic was rocking the red version so I decided to alert you.(might be a stale gist though hehe) The Red version is currently sold out in my local store. Click to see more.

                    This is the perfect desk to dinner outfit.

The purse is so generous in size and the price is right. Love the chain strap too.As a good girl, I picked only 2 for interested customers.

Now in London, a cardi is essential!!! In fact, it's every girl's best friend. The black one I'm wearing is also from....Mother P and it's one of the 'omg, I can't believe it's Primark' collection.

Wore this to work yesterday and my Line Manager called me sausage!!! LoL

 It's all about the neck details. 

Milk of Magnesian & Mac thingz. winks

I picked 4 dresses in sizes 8-14 for those interested. Sadly Cardigan is long sold out and I love it that way sha..#Not gbogbo ero thingz..;)

Red Version of purse. Which colour do you prefer? Her belt is also available to order.


  1. I want everything you are wearing including the tights.Really cute outfit and thanks for be real.

  2. lovely..well done.

  3. I wAnt dis purse

  4. Sell ur cardigan to me? we re d same size.....

    1. Babes I need it more thank you..winks

  5. how much is the belt please?


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