Sunday, 27 January 2013

Introducing myblingingfone

If you love jewelry and wonder why your phone can't join the fun, fret no more myblingingfone solves your bling problem: it's jewelry for your phone.

The iphone case is designed to simply clip onto the back of the iphone and is easy to take on and off so you can keep changing the style for day wear and night wear
These blinging covers simply prettify your phone and often launch interesting conversations in the process (wink wink single ladies in the me, serious 'babe magnet). These covers (£40 each; shipping available for home and overseas) are only available for iphone 4 and 5

Brought to you by 'myblingingfone', these blinging phones are too cool

Because we all deserve something blinging. Tokunbo also makes some amazing neck piece. Click to see picture

                                      bb pin 28520F50

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