Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Capsule Kardashian Kollection is here.

 Not sure what they meant by the word "Capsule" but there has been so much hype about the collection by Dorothy Perkins lately and they are exclusively sold online. Click to see more and share your thoughts please as these items are just like the everyday usual clothing


  1. I love d 1st two dresses n I love d jacket pls can I place order for them n also there prices ... Pls bb me ... Duchess

  2. Not bad at all... the first two dresses look killer (I'm pretty certain their prices are also killer... so Imma just go now and adjust my bank statements lol)

    1. Naaa...Same £40 I wrote, it was really over hyped and just these 7 pieces in the collection

  3. These pieces are just tooooo regular...nothing fantastic. No wow factor...overhyped indeed


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