Friday, 7 December 2012

OAP: Tosin Bucknor Spotted in Primark Tropical Jumpsuit

Don't you just love it when our lovely celebs do justice to their Primark buys on the red carpet? Love the way she paired it with the cardi & peep toe mid heels. This was spring 2012 collection. Although sold out in Primark stores, found it on eBay for £10 excluding delivery. Let me know if you fancy one.


  1. This on a red carprt even is a NO. Perfect for the beach there a size 6 please?

  2. What do you expect of an area mama? Razzness. LPS please more of the primark wearing celeb post biko

  3. hahahaa...You dis girl is wicked. Make area mama catch you, you will hear it.

  4. Some one is trying so hard to be Linda Ikeji. smh

    1. Is this one okay?
      Seyi abeg no mind am.. Some people just get sad when they see others doing well..Love ur blog Seyi..*cheers


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