Sunday, 16 December 2012

Finally he proposed (:

Too excited for words right now...Just click for more exclusive photos!!!(:

 Heheehe..Got you there!!! I've always wanted to play this silly joke with you lovely readers and this was just perfect right? Apologies to those that are not the joke type.  

So yesterday was my church dinner/appreciation night and everyone came out looking take away lol. Yours truly was there to capture all that happened including volunteering to serve the food which the steam from the food did justice to my pancake (make-up) Just enjoy the pics and tell me if you know someone.

Dopest Eddy giving me some sweet lyrics. haha

Lovely Pastor Toun

Miss Uganda UK

Yayy!!!With my church department crew. The production was a huge success and I'm so proud of my team

Lovely Ushers

Another Finest Dude..and YES! he's married

Cheers to 2013

Feeling her Zara Shoes.

 Love this Lady and Yes! She is expecting another 2!!!

Feeling too shy to even look into his eyes! *covered face smiley* Hope you like our Pinkies!

Mr & Mrs Smith!!!iJoke

Lovely Family.x

Another lovely Family

 Preggo and still looking hawt @ right pic

Spotted drinking from the bottle...

Baba Ibeji

It's us again!!! Only God knows what he was saying 

Men in Black & White

Mama Ibeji & Lola. Decided not to join cos of my Pink Dress :(

Lovely Family

Iya Ibeji & her Girls..2 boys in mummy's

Zoey & Zara=Zee Girls

Someone is in the spirit

Yes oh! Read on Bruv!

Beauty & the Brain.

Edilicious Eddy


My lovely Jummy! Her Italian Accent is on point


  1. U got me on d proposal lol, nice pictures

    1. hehehe..Mission accomplished! Thanks dear

  2. lol see me rushing thinking this one everyone is getting engaged this season though lol

  3. Nice one Seyi, the joke worked for me. Am sure soonest it will come to reality.


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