Saturday, 13 October 2012


Good morning guys! Restful night rest? 

Loving this camouflage top. Available to order

My first post for today is all about Peplum Trend!!! Peplum has gained popularity over the years and has now become THE trend. More after the cut

I even wonder if 'Miss Peplum' will ever go out of season! 9 out of 10 ladies definitely own one in their closet and the high street store keeps chucking them out in different designs and styles almost every week.

 From Internet research the first peplum was introduced by Christain Dior in 1947 (Imagine the trend is even older than my country's independence lol) and in 2012, looks like the trend is here to stay.

One of my favourite ways of wearing mine is with a pencil skirt. This adds the curves to make you look like a million dollar bill. *winks* 
Peplum top paired with a pencil skirt

Peplum has so many ways to wear and this diversity makes peplum wearable almost anytime. It comes in tops, jacket, skirts, dresses and the latest addition to the family; the Peplum belt which is selling so fast in high street stores.

Peplum Jacket available to order

 Love the fact that even the popular ankara (african) prints has been peplum-nified and gives the aso ebi a trendy and fabulous look. One thing I'm sure of is that Peplums are definitely still trending into and beyond spring 2013 fashion. 

Ankara (African) prints peplum top
Peplum Pencil Skirt

Peplum belt

So Ladies, are you peplum wearing? What's your favourite way to wear?

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